This agreement is between (Seller) ______________on this day ____ and (Buyer) _______ to provide for the subsequent care and well being for the puppy described below. The further purpose of this contract is to protect and preserve the welfare of the line and the breed as well as the individual puppy that is being entrusted by the seller to the buyer.

It is agreed between Seller and Buyer as follows:
The dog sold pursuant to the terms of this agreement is as follows:
Breed:_____________________________________     Sex:   _________      Color:   _____________     Whelped:  __________
Sire:_____________________________________                 Dam:  __________________________________________

The following representations and conditions apply to the sale of the aforementioned dog:

      All health records of the dog up-to-date of the sale accompany this contract. The seller attests to the dog having no known illnesses. At the option and expense of the Buyer, the dog may examined by a veterinarian and if buyer is not satisfied that the dog is in good health - the dog may be returned within 3 days of the sale for a replacement. Any claims must be made within the 3 day time period and will be verified by Seller's own veterinarian. Veterinarian’s statement of health problems must accompany return. All transportation costs back to seller will be at the expense of the buyer.

      Seller is not liable for any behavior or action of the dog once it leaves physical custody of the seller.  Buyer shall indemnify and hold harmless seller from any and all loss, damage, and/or expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, arising from the negligence or willful misconduct of the buyer or anyone having physical custody of the dog; or the actions or behavior of the dog, or the failure of the buyer to abide by the terms or conditions of this sales contract.  This indemnification shall survive the death of the dog or other termination of this contract.

      This dog, identified in Section 1, is being sold for the sum of $_______ to be paid in full before time of pickup. All other arrangements must be made in advance and in writing signed by both Buyer and Seller.

      This puppy is guaranteed for 24 months against any inherited disorders that would shorten the normal life span or would cause the puppy not to be suitable for breeding. If such a problem should develop contact me immediately and we will work out a replacement for you. It will be up to the seller as to whether the puppy will be replaced with the original left with the buyer or if the original pup should be returned before a replacement is given.  If the puppy is bred all guarantees are void.

      The dog will be registered with the kennel name (EDELHAUS) in the registered name on the official registering papers.


      The "show/brood potential puppy" shows no disqualifying faults at time of purchase, and given proper care by the buyer, should in good time be of acceptable temperament and structure to complete an AKC championship.

      Buyer understands and agrees that at the time of purchase the seller adjudges to the best of her ability that this puppy is of show quality. However, there are no guarantees, implicit or explicit, that a puppy adjudged to be of show quality at the time will be devoid of faults or that in fact will be showable. No warranties or guarantees are made under this contract.

      The above named dog is not to be surgically altered in ANY way including neuter or spay without prior approval by seller - except in a medical emergency (health being most important).

      Before breeding - see Breeding Prerequisites

      The above named dog is not to be given away or euthanized (except in medical emergency) without prior approval of the seller. There will be no exchange of money to buyer for said dog if one of these is done.

      Buyer agrees to return said dog if buyer can no longer provide a permanent home for he/she, along with the signed AKC/UKC papers and all health records and / or certifications.

      No money refunds will be given as this puppy/dog was sold as a permanent family member and is not to be resold, traded or co-owned without written permission from seller. 

      Any other arrangements may only be made with Seller's written consent.

      The buyer will be responsible for any/all costs of the dog's transport back to the seller for any circumstances pertaining to this contract.

      The breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills or other bills the owner may incur after the purchase of the puppy/dog.

      Said dog must have obedience training by a certified trainer and complete a basic obedience class by six (6) months of age. Buyer is to supply seller with documentation once classes are complete. Failure to complete such classes will void all guarantees stated in this contract.


      Any breeding of dog must be for betterment of the breed and must follow the AKC Breeder Code of Ethics.  Because time is of the essence in protecting the kennel name, bloodline and reputation of Seller.

      This dog/bitch shall not be bred in such a manner as to ever provide any breeding stock to any commercial or backyard breeders.

      All puppies produced or sired by this dog that are graded as pet quality should be sold on limited registration, with spay or neuter required.

      If dog is male, the seller maintains stud right to this dog.


      Owner hereby agrees to properly care for said dog, providing high quality food as recommended by the breeder, fresh water, and exercise daily, and to maintain said dog in good health at all times, keeping current with shots, vaccinations, worming and any other appropriate veterinary care, including heartworm preventative, and agrees to assume all financial and legal responsibility for said dog from the time of this contract.

      Buyer agrees that this dog or bitch is NOT to be left in a backyard or kennel only.  This dog or bitch is sold with the understanding that it was to go to carefully selected parties and that the Buyer avowed the dog or bitch would become a member of the family.  (This is to assure proper development and maintenance of the temperament for which the dog was bred.)

      Buyer agrees to provide Seller with photographs suitable for advertising and photocopies of all awards and critiques along with the judge(s) name(s) and the Club sponsoring the show.  Buyer also agrees that Seller may use the photographs and any particulars of qualifying awards in any future advertising.

      Owner hereby agrees that any abuse or neglect of dog, physical, emotional, or otherwise, whether intentional or involuntary, will void all claims to said dog, and that all rights and legal claims and full ownership will immediately and automatically revert to seller with no recourse to owner whatsoever.

When you sign this contract, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to the provisions of this contract. This contract is executed in two counterparts with an executed counterpart retained by each party hereto. The undersigned have carefully read the entire contact, and so understand and agree to its terms and conditions. The written terms of this contract constitute the entire agreement and no other written or verbal statements, promises, documents or writings shall have any weight or effect upon this contract.


Seller’s Signature _________________________________________________       Date:  _____________

Address:  ________________________________________________________      Phone:  _____________

Buyer’s Signature _________________________________________________       Date:  ______________

Address:  ________________________________________________________      Phone: _____________