Pedigree for Petey

Petey blk,brindle/white D.O.B. 9-28-03

CH Noble Cash Money

CH Benmars Dwayne the Fat Boy

CH Roadhouse's El Torro Valiente

Davis Desert Sage

Roadhouse's Rosa Bonita

CH Herrings Roaring Rose

CH Rocket's Roaring Thunder

Marin's Rosa

CH Noble Shadow Dancer

Rowdytown Crackerjack

CH Herrings Red Skillet

CH Harber's JR Sue Ellen

CH Noble Delta Dancer

CH Finwar's Southern Comfort

Coppers Misty Blue

Edelhaus' Sunset Tiger

Edelhaus' Lionheart

CH Nobles Cash Money

CH Benmars Dwayne the Fat Boy

CH Noble Shadow Dancer

CH Nicholes Noble Kelsa

CH Richards Apache Dancer

CH AAA Noble Denim-n- Leather

Absolutes After the Cat

CH Circle C's Bodacious of Wt Rk

CH Whiterocks Lone Star Dallas

CH Whiterock Willynwood Pita

Oakdale's Wildest Dreams

CH Benmars Sharp Shooter

CH Benmars Oakdale Evolution

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